Naruto and his Kunoichis

I do not own ‘Naruto’ The Date Naruto was nervous. He was going on the first date of his life, and it was with four women. Most men in his position would be boasting, he however wasn’t most men, he stayed silent. He had taken the day off of training from his team and the kunoichi. There were a lot of things for him to do for his date. Not that he neglected his training. He sent multiple clones out to practice.

StealthMaster After a successful Sasuke retrieval mission Naruto is banished for hurting him. Slight crossover with call of duty, MGS4 and the modern world. Here is the next chapter to my story consequences of exiling Naruto Uzumaki and I hope you enjoy it. Onto other things I have decided to also have a slight x-over with Black Lagoon, I found it to be a great anime and manga and it is unfortunate that it wasn’t very long. Also the revelation that Obito is Tobi isn’t surprising.

Chapter 4-MILF Time. Anko had to use all her Shinobi training to hide the otherwise noticeable limp she was sporting from the intense fucking Naruto put her through last night and later on while in the shower earlier this morning when he woke ately, Kyuubi had been kind enough to keep the sperm sterile until much later so the chance of pregnancy being zero, and no one would suspect.

Fortunately, Kyuubi had been kind enough to keep the sperm sterile until much later so the chance of pregnancy being zero, and no one would suspect the two of going at it like rabbits in heat. Not that Anko was regretting her action in getting screwed roughly by the Genin, as she had desired it long before Naruto using his Submission Eye, for a sexual relationship with a man capable of doing such things to her, and filling among other things that void within her soul that always seemed empty until now.

Granted, had Naruto’s bloodline not put her in this position, Anko would have most likely missed it, and the now legally adult of a Genin ranked Shinobi would be suffering a great deal of pain at the moment long after she first encountered him roughly a year ago. With a smirk on her face, the Special Jounin was thought back to that memory of how he was able to allude her for as long as he did, and her stupid overreaction to him spilling of all that lovely dango.

Provided it was spruced up and cleaner then a newborn baby’s butt. Along the way to the Hokage’s Office, Anko noticed Nara Yoshino walking out of her house looking more angrier then usual, and the Special Jounin couldn’t help in wondering why that was the case? The source of the Chuunin’s anger was most likely her husband or son being their usual lazy Nara selves in being well However, Anko realized that this anger was beyond the usual kind the woman experienced, and the Special Jounin decided to let her curiosity get the best of her.

How are you today? I’m doing okay,” said Yoshino, but Anko could hear the strain it took for the woman to sound even remotely happy, and it wasn’t hard to see it involved one of the Nara men in her life. I wanted to have some Can you believe that? I didn’t want sex just to have another child. Kami, I just wanted to have sex, and would have used the Anti-pregnancy Jutsu before we went at it so he was covered.

I do try to keep Naruto vaguely kind of in character, in the sense that he has always shown that he has a serious side, an insecure side, and a side where he’s trying to put up a cool front. And he has always been desperate for affection and afraid of losing the bonds that he’s aqquired. I apply these traits towards sex and with that said I think I’m within reason. That said, the porn takes priority. This isn’t character driven, it’s porn driven.

How he got this way may not be totally clear to you until later chapters.

I do not own ‘Naruto’ The Date. Naruto was nervous. He was going on the first date of his life, and it was with four women. Most men in his position would be boasting, he however wasn’t most men, he .

Rorschach’s Blot A place for odd story bits that drip out of my brain. Fiction M – English – Chapters: Notice that I used all caps for emphasis, I’m fairly sure that’s one of the things that all the good books on writing tell you to never do. Anko’s Boyfriend Anko growled in frustration as she got turned down yet again. First she can’t get a date because of who her master IS and then, after she’s finally out from under his thumb, she can’t get a date because of who he WAS.

Dirty traitor, yet another thing he’d done to ruin her life. I mean, the seal was one thing, but keeping me from getting laid?! He’ll pay for this! You’d think guys would be interested in a girl who had a technique to deep throat a katana, or one that would make her tongue six inches long and prehensile.

I do not own Naruto. Anko was having a bad day. More so than her normal bad days. Why you may ask?

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Hinata Hyuuga was always a shy and quiet ninja. Sure, her crush on Naruto went unrequited, but she at least got to admire him from afar. That is, until she happened to overhear part of a conversation Naruto is having where he is seemingly mocking her. As she has a tendency to do in times of stress, Hinata becomes suddenly aggressive, confronting Naruto and berating him for abusing her feelings for a cruel story.

Naruto wrapped an arm around Anko’s stomach and carried her to his couch and laid her over his lap and continued his spanking. Anko was now moaning and withering on Naruto’s lap as she was getting pleasurable sparks every time Naruto’s hand met the surface of her s: 5.

November 20, Updated: November 20, However, any opened lid bears repercussions, be they small or large. Inojin Yamanaka himself would never know the significance of such a small wooden box; not until it was far too late for anything to change. November 19, Updated: November 19, 5: In the night, a deal is negotiated between Kumogakure and Akatsuki.

June 13, Updated: November 19, 6: But, that doesn’t mean everything is normal. In fact, for Uzumaki Naruto it was the opposite — there was one unalienable fact about the blonde hero that would change his life forever: June 10, Updated: November 19, September 3, Updated:

The Secret of our Hearts Chapter 1: This is my first fic, so please be gentle with me. In this story, I decided to change the ages a bit.

Not really, they’re all either “LOL ANKO IS A CRAZY SEX FREAK AND HAS NARUTO WHIPPED xd”, a harem, or super duper angsty.

Naruto sighed as he opened the door to his apartment. He was tired after a long hard training session, but it felt good. No, Anko was dressed as a schoolgirl. She was wearing a very short skirt that whenever she moved you caught a glimpse of her thong. Naruto felt his pants tighten hearing Anko speak. Shit, she just knew what to say to get him hard.

It had been weeks since Anko decided to start doing role playing games with Naruto. At first it was to stop her boredom, but now she was really enjoying them. It helped that Naruto was usually game for most of the stuff she came up with. Besides, Naruto was the only guy that could satisfy her really. His great stamina really got her gears rolling since she was a kunoichi who liked to have a good time.

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