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Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk-doo, a police officer. Thanks to her strength, she gets the job of a bodyguard, to a rich heir Ahn Min-hyuk , the CEO of a gaming company, Ainsoft.

The wind is blowing, wiping away my tears But the song I hear in my ears makes my heart ache. The day you came to me Sadness went away and my once cold heart.

What I Like I appreciate his existence. What else should I say? Dislike Is there’s any possible way to dislike something about him? Onew debuted with ‘SHINee’ in He was discovered at the , at the S. He received great appreciation from Lee Soo-man, S. Entertainment’s founder, at Girls’ Generation’s debut showcase. Lee Soo-man noticed him and wanted to hear him sing during a one time on the spot audition. He signed the contract with the company the day after he auditioned.

Onew underwent a vocal cord polyp removal and vocal fold mucosa reconstruction operation in June , which made him unable to sing for a few months. In December, , Kim Yeon-woo, Onew’s vocal coach revealed during a radio broadcast that Onew’s condition had improved after the surgery. Onew is known for holding one of the longest continuous vocal notes, at over 40 seconds, during his live performances of Friend a song by Japanese rock band Anzen Chitai.

In order to support Onew in the musical Rock of Ages, in , his fans had donated 1.

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Mar 16,  · Lee Chi Hoon (Played by Shinee’s Onew): Lee Chi Hoon is a medical resident at the same hospital as Mo Yoen. He’s the most trendy of all the men in the show possibly because he’s the youngest and has the liveliest personality.

Lee Soo-man noticed him and wanted to hear him sing during a one time on the spot audition. He signed the contract with the company the day after he auditioned. Musical acting, acting debut and solo activities[ edit ] In , Onew tried his hands at songwriting and together with his bandmate Minho, wrote the lyrics for the song, “Your Name” from Shinee’s second studio album Lucifer.

He appeared in the drama’s final episode. The song was released on January 3, Onew was cast because of his unique analysis of the character and his determination whilst preparing for the auditions. He portrayed first-year resident Dr. Lee Chi-hoon, a junior of Song Hye-kyo’s character. In Korea, the drama became a massive hit as well, surpassing more than 30 percent viewership ratings nationwide. It’s a pop jazz song which is the work of numerous artists including Andreas Oberg , a Swedish guitarist and songwriter, and singer-composer Yoo Hee-yeol.

He also confirmed that Onew’s vocal range “improved and he can make sounds comfortably too”. The victim stated that on August 12, in a night club in Gangnam , Onew, who was intoxicated, touched her leg two or three times as he tried to stand up, over the course of two hours while she was dancing on one of the club’s multiple dancing platforms that was adjacent to where Onew was seated.

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Mulutnya mungkin sudah sangat berbusa mengatakan hal yang sama berulang kali pada Jin-ah, tapi gadis itu benar-benar menetap pada pendiriannnya. Jadi hentikan ocehanmu dan duduk manis lalu makan saja makananmu. Telingaku sudah hampir meledak karna kau mengoceh sejak tadi pagi. Gadis itu terus menyupal mulutnya dengan sedotan yang mengalirkan segelas Americano. Sedangkan Gyu-ri tampak ditidak berpengaruh dengan gretakan Jin-ah.

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Amy has currently been commenting on her past relationship with Lee which got him. It was from then that the both of them started dating. One of these rumors is, Lee Minwoo is dating Amy because of money, which arose from Amys well-to-do family background as evident from.

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News Celebrity Onew reportedly started attending church since he’s dating the ex-wife of Vasco, but they have broken up now. Sep 6, AceShowbiz – Amid his sexual harassment scandal, rumors about Onew’s dating life have been swirling online. Onew, who isn’t a Christian, reportedly started attending church since he’s dating Hwan Hee.

Even Onew’s recent collaboration with Rocoberry was said to have happened because of Hwan Hee and Rocoberry’s good relationship since they become church friends. While some are not convinced that Onew and Hwan Hee are dating based on the said evidence, some fans believe that the two were indeed dating but they have broken up now. Some also said that Onew quit drinking when he began dating Hwan Hee, but he began drinking again since they split.

The drama that aired on KBS in became a huge hit. Onew, meanwhile, has been lying low after hit with sexual harassment allegation. A woman claimed she was inappropriately touched by the “Moonlight” singer at a night club. The woman eventually dropped the charges as SM Entertainment stated that the situation was caused by a misunderstanding, but the case was still sent to prosecution. You can share this post!

SHINee’s Onew Reportedly Dating ‘DOTS’ Co-Star Park Hwan Hee

Marriage Not Dating Also Known as: Dalam upaya untuk mendapatkan orang tuanya dari punggungnya tentang string konstan tanggal buta dan prospek pernikahan, Ki-tae sengaja membawa Jang-mi rumah untuk bertemu orangtuanya menyamar sebagai pacarnya, yakin bahwa mereka tidak akan pernah menyetujui nya. Yeon Woo-jin as Gong Ki-tae Seorang ahli bedah plastik 33 tahun yang sukses dengan kepribadian abrasif.

Ki-tae menikmati kesendirian terlalu banyak untuk menetap, banyak yang cemas orang tuanya. Han Groo as Joo Jang-mi Seorang gadis 29 tahun yang sungguh-sungguh percaya pada cinta sejati meskipun kegagalan yang tak terhitung jumlahnya nya dalam hubungan sebelumnya. Sebagai seorang karyawan di sebuah toko merek mewah, ia dikelilingi oleh produk mewah, tetapi memiliki satu pun dari dirinya sendiri.

Aug 21,  · annyeong:D mau nge-post pict nya Lee Chi Hoon #ulzzang favorit ku:* Park Tae Jun and Lee Chi Hoon:) Dikerubuti Fans, Luhan ‘EXO-M’ Jatuh di Bandara Jakarta – Menyambut artis di bandara tak hanya heboh di Indonesia.

Here are some of our favorite looks from the drama so far. Kang Mo Yeon is the main female character of the drama. She starts out in the drama as a doctor who works hard in hopes of getting a professor position at her hospital. She rules the operations team because of her experience. However, Mo Yeon soars to popularity through the show and becomes the mascot of the hospital. In order to fulfill her TV personality role, Mo Yeon does not operate anymore.

As she becomes more popular, she becomes known throughout the hospital all the way to the chairman of the hospital.

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