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Information is is the new ‘high ground’ in warfare. The current boom in Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance ISR capabilities is a byproduct of this basic change in focus, and in turn it is creating follow-on effects. Warfare being evolutionary in its nature, has resulted in the emergence of a range of new counter ISR capabilities, as nations confronted with Western ISR capabilities seek to even or reverse the odds. In a philosophical sense counter ISR capabilities are nothing particularly new. Camouflage and decoys were used extensively during World War II, as was jamming of radar, bombing of radar equipment, and interception of photoreconnaissance and electronic reconnaissance aircraft. These practices have continued ever since.

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Many bands are bounded along their margins by an individual ridge, suggesting that a double ridge was split along its axis during band formation Fig. Where the bands pulled apart, dark, probably low-viscosity subsurface material moved up to fill the gap. Limited topographic data across bands suggest that many stand somewhat higher than the surrounding terrain, consistent with formation by upwelling buoyant ice, rather than liquid water.

Bands have been shown to have brightened over time, possibly because of frost deposition or radiation damage, leading to a wide range of brightnesses ranging from relatively dark, through gray, to as bright as the brightest background plains on the surface. Points along a large gray band arrows, top can be reconstructed if the band is removed arrows, bottom , with the preexisting terrain matching up perfectly along the margins. The band appears to have exploited two existing double ridges during its formation.

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Distinguishing characteristics[ edit ] Salticidae male anterior and dorsal aspects, showing positions of eyes Jumping spiders are among the easiest to distinguish from similar spider families because of the shape of the cephalothorax and their eye patterns. The families closest to Salticidae in general appearance are the Corinnidae distinguished also by prominent spines on the back four legs , the Oxyopidae the lynx spiders, distinguished by very prominent spines on all legs , and the Thomisidae the crab spiders, distinguished by their front four legs, which are very long and powerful.

None of these families however, has eyes that resemble those of the Salticidae. Conversely, the legs of jumping spiders are not covered with any very prominent spines. Their front four legs generally are larger than the hind four, but not as dramatically so as those of the crab spiders, nor are they held in the outstretched-arms attitude characteristic of the Thomisidae. The generally larger front legs are used partly to assist in grasping prey, [4] and in some species, the front legs and pedipalps are used in species-recognition signalling.

The jumping spiders, unlike the other families, have faces that are roughly rectangular surfaces perpendicular to their direction of motion.

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See Route Signalling Page Arm Repeater An electrical indicator which shows the position of a semaphore signal arm to the controlling signalman. RT Articulation The core feature of a rolling stock design where two adjacent railway vehicle ends are mounted on one bogie. Nowadays much favoured by tramcar or light rail vehicle LRV designers.

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Circulatory system The circulatory system comprises the heart and blood vessels arteries , veins and capillaries. The heart propels the circulation of the blood, which serves as a “transportation system” to transfer oxygen , fuel, nutrients, waste products, immune cells and signalling molecules i. The blood consists of fluid that carries cells in the circulation, including some that move from tissue to blood vessels and back, as well as the spleen and bone marrow.

It converts food into small, nutritional, non-toxic molecules for distribution and absorption into the body. Endocrine system The endocrine system consists of the principal endocrine glands: The endocrine hormones serve as signals from one body system to another regarding an enormous array of conditions, and resulting in variety of changes of function.

Immune system The immune system consists of the white blood cells , the thymus , lymph nodes and lymph channels, which are also part of the lymphatic system.

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Speed Dating Cells We have been studying cells as our first Biology Topic in Year 7. We have learnt about the structure of a cell and the function of each cell organelle.

The team of researchers at the ARC Centre for Excellence in Plant Energy Biology and the Centre for AgriBioscience at La Trobe University, have boosted plant performance under limited phosphate by targeting genes that regulate phosphate transport in plant roots, resulting in increased phosphate uptake while sidestepping negative effects on plant growth and yield. The approach overcomes a hurdle encountered by previous attempts to increase plant phosphate uptake, where reduced growth and yield were observed as a result of plants not being able to process the extra phosphate.

The discovery would be even more valuable in China where overuse of fertilisers is a huge environmental and economic issue. There is also great interest in the United States where the findings were published. Phosphate, an essential nutrient for plant growth, is a limited and non-renewable resource, with high-grade phosphate reserves gradually being exhausted.

According to the United Nations, global food production will need to double by

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Cycle 5, Abstract: When humans experience attraction, most people are not aware of myriad biological processes driving their desire. This paper seeks to synthesize different research on the processes behind human mate selection.

This image shows a cell in two stages of division: prometaphase (top) and metaphase (bottom). To form identical daughter cells, chromosome pairs (blue) separate via the attachment of microtubules made up of tubulin proteins (pink) to specialized structures on centromeres (green).

Blue coloring indicates cartilage, brown represents bone marrow and yellow shows bone. Chan and Longaker et al. If only we could regrow our broken bones like Harry Potter, Skele-gro style. Or, at the very least, heal up like a limb-regenerating newt. Alas, we humans possess no such abilities. Though our bodies can mend broken bones, the older we get, the shoddier that patch job gets. But a new discovery by researchers could change that outlook.

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The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at Trends Cell Biol See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Trans dimers are less flexible than cadherin monomers, a factor which drives junction assembly following cell-cell contact by reducing the entropic cost associated with the formation of lateral cis oligomers. Cadherins outside of the classical subfamily appear to have evolved distinct adhesive mechanisms which are just now beginning to be understood.

The classical cadherin family Cadherins comprise a large superfamily of cell surface receptors, many of which function in calcium-dependent cell-cell recognition and adhesion.

The live cells, shown in green, are pulled toward the outside edge of the channels, while the dead cells (red) are pulled toward the center, allowing them to be sent into separate channels. Credit.

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